Spiritus Equis for Leaders and Teams

With Spiritus Equis, horses are the teachers and the students are business leaders, clinicians, managers, and teams of people in search of personal growth and development and team culture change and transformation.  We will work with you to develop and deliver bespoke events and day courses that engage, motivate and enable people to achieve objectives and support the outcomes of your organisation.

Spiritus Equis offers an innovative and robust learning model and participants will have an immersive experience with the horses, with activities designed for each organisation.

We create the opportunity for people to get out of day to day work and connect with their instinct; to respond intuitively to these powerful animals. Participants experience a creative space in which they need to test out and apply strategies to find solutions and achieve objectives.

The interaction with horses is an integral part of the process because:

  • horses are social animals, experts in body language and are successful in surviving if they function well within a herd.
  • horses are large, powerful animals and throughout history, have always presented a challenge to humans, when humans have attempted to form a relationship with them.
  • working with these sensitive and responsive animals, creates a powerful learning environment – learning is through ‘gut instincts’ – this is learning through the limbic system if the brain.
  • the horses act as a powerful catalyst for change, creating opportunities for insight, reflection and application to the social environment

Key benefits:

We know that new insights often emerge by stepping back and making observations from a different perspective. With horses we see situations with fresh eyes and this creates a profound opportunity for change… influencing :

Learning through our interactions and observations of the horses is uncluttered and has a greater impact, compared to what we might learn from other people.

  • Leadership skills development
  • Team growth and transformation
  • Experiential Learning
  • Solutions Focus.  When we face challenges and try to work out solutions in theory, it’s often hard to put theory into practice. Our approach allows us to work together to find solutions and happy the solutions to achieve:
  • Culture change
  • Purpose and achievement
  • Positive Engagement


One day workshop – Up to 10 people 9.30 to 3.30 refreshments and lunch. £1000

Half day workshop – Up to 10 people 9.30 to 12.30 tea coffee cake. £500

1.30 – 2 hour workshop. Up to 8 people. £300

We can cater for larger numbers of people, please get in touch for specific requirements.



Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

Bringing emotional intelligence into the workplace

Team Motivation & Professional Development

Team Motivation & Professional Development

We offer bespoke half-day or full day workshops for teams or individuals. Working with horses is a great way to develop confidence, team motivation and leadership skills.

An Energising Environment

An Energising Environment

Getting out of our analytical heads in a creative space with horses, intensifies our emotions and creativity

Examples – Corporate Days
Leadership and Culture change – collaborating effectively within the organisation
Successful organisations engage in:
Establishing structural mechanisms and processes that allow staff to improve their focus on the task, by harmonising information and activities across units.
Encouraging people in all parts of the organisation – through culture change, incentives, and empowerment – to work together in the interest of patient needs.
Capability development
Ensuring that enough people in the organisation have the skills to deliver patient-focussed solutions and facilitating clear career paths for people with those skills.
Connection – Developing relationships with external partners to increase the impact of solutions and build sustainability.
Spiritus Equis will deliver a corporate team/management day to enable your organisation to achieve these objectives.

Example – Continuing Professional Development for Clinicians
The aim of this day is to introduce key concepts in management and leadership for clinical team leaders in an experiential workshop with Spiritus Equis – a team of horses and people. In this unique environment busy clinicians have the opportunity to ‘Pause and Reflect’. They will observe how styles and patterns of leadership may shape the management of services and enhance effective provision.

Half Term Session for Young People

Workshop for 10-13 year olds 31st May 3-5pm Come and spend some time having fun and learning alongside horses. Discover ways to develop… Confidence Social skills Communication Safety Respect Focus Where: Downswood, Great Cheverell, SN10 5TW contact: Clare on 01380...

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Another exciting event for Spritus Equis

Yesterday, in partnership with YouthInc and Wessex College, Spritus Equis hosted a demonstration of our work with young people with complex needs. We travelled to an open day at a lovely new children facility and delivered a demonstration session of our work to staff,...

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